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What to expect at Strom Spa Montreal on Nun’s Island

A honest review of my first visit to Strom Spa Montreal.

I love Montreal in the summer. The festival-like energy is good vibes. The people are happy and beautiful. But can also get very crowded. To get away from the bustle and the traffic you can head to Strom Spa Montreal. Located on Nun’s Island, it’s just a 20-minute drive from downtown but feels like worlds’ away.

This Nordic spa offers thermal waters, saunas and treatments in a very peaceful setting. I had already visited Scandinave in Old Montreal, and Bota Bota the spa on a boat, which are very urban spas. This time, I escaped for a very relaxing afternoon surrounded by nature. It’s worth the drive/taxi out there, but there are a few things I learned on my first visit to Strom Spa Montreal I think you should know in order to have the best experience.

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This Montreal’s Strom Spa Nordique review is part of my series 100 Baths, a search for the world’s best Nordic spas, hot springs, hammams and other public bathing experience. Read more and see the list here.

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Where is Montreal’s Strom Spa Nordique?

Strom Spa Montreal Île des Sœur (Nun’s Island) is located on a small island on the Saint Lawrence River that got its name in the late 1800s when it was run by nuns as a farm. Today it’s part of the borough of Verdun. While I saw plenty of upscale condo developments and businesses on my taxi ride out there, the area is still leafy and quiet. The pastoral setting is a big part of what makes this location an excellent spot for a day spa.

Strom Spa Montreal is on Nun's Island
Montreal’s Strom Spa Nordique is an escape into nature

My first tip about visiting this spa is that the entrance is somewhat hidden. There is a “Spa Nordique” sign where the GPS said it would be, but it’s fairly discrete, on the side of a bend in the road next to some steps. At first my driver went past it because we were both looking for something larger, like a parking lot. We ended up next door instead – which is a golf course, not the spa. It was no big deal to turn around, but it was confusing and took extra time.

(This is also a good place to note the spa’s thermal waters involve a lot of stairs. Only visitors for massage and treatment have an accessible entrance.)

Strom’s website explains that proximity to urban centres is part of their company philosophy, so that city-dwellers can get away easily and often. (They also operate Nordic spas near Quebec City and Sherbrooke.) I certainly appreciated that they’ve created a space for rest and relaxation that was easy to access even on a short trip to Montreal.

Recommended: A Sauna Hat

Want to upgrade your sauna experience? The Finns will tell you to wear a sauna hat. These simple felt hats help regulate the temperature of your head so you can sweat harder, longer. This style has the traditional grey felt and is stylish for all genders.

Strom Spa Nordique pool
Photo: Strom Spa Nordique

What services and facilities are at Montreal’s Strom Spa on Nun’s Island?

The Scandinavian word Strøm means current, and the Strom Spa Montreal design is based upon the power of water. This is a smaller overall space compared to other Nordic-style spas I’ve visited in Canada, more like a big backyard than a resort, but they have all the basics. The thermal experience facilities are:

  • Two hot pools (one with waterfall)
  • Two cold plunge pools
  • Two Finnish-style saunas
  • One steam room with eucalyptus
  • Three interior lounges
  • Hammocks, loungers, fire pit and other spots for outdoor relaxation
  • Outdoor shower areas
  • One restaurant

Is the Strom Spa Montreal quiet?

What I loved most about the Strom spa is its peacefulness. Once you step outside, the pool waterfalls provide a soothing white noise as you move about. Perhaps it can get crowded and noisy on weekends but on my Friday afternoon visit there was enough room for everyone and conversations were kept respectfully low. There are also many places to lounge outside and be spaced away from others if you want to talk.

On this spa visit I was travelling solo. After my first round of hot pool and cold plunge I found one of the many hammocks and settled in with a book. I could have just stayed here for hours, enjoying the many birds flying overhead, watching a groundhog forage for snacks and views of the Lac des Battures—the spa is right on the banks of this quiet lake.

There’s a short wooden pier that takes you away from other guests to a few lounge chairs right on the water which is a lovely private space.

Views of Lac des Battures from Strom Spa Montreal on Nun's Island
Peaceful views of Lac des Battures from Strom Spa on Nun’s Island

My favourite indoor space was the Eucalyptus steam room, which I had all to myself. It didn’t have that extreme hot of some steam rooms, which meant I could spend more time in the darkened embrace of heat until my pores told me it was time to cold plunge again.

In the main hot pool I exchanged pleasantries with two other women enjoying getting an impromptu back massage from the waterfall. So it’s not an unfriendly place. But I found keeping to myself was easy, and the visit was quite meditative. With one caveat….

English 300*250

Customer Service could be improved

The reception area is not Montreal Spa Nordique’s best first impression. I arrived to my reservation (more on that below) to find a short line behind a gentleman who was trying to convince the staff he had a reservation, but they found no record of it. It took a few different staff, and close to 10 minutes, to let me inside.

The staff in general seemed flustered. I understand many businesses are still suffering from staff shortages, so perhaps they were all new. But usually at spas of this nature I am asked if I’ve been before, given the lay of the land, etc. I was handed my robe and wristband with key (which promptly fell off so I needed a new one) and then left to figure out where to go on my own. I’m fine with that, I’ve done this a lot and don’t mind exploring, but some might want more service for their money spent.

I didn’t eat at the restaurant but note that it’s small, so a reservation if you want lunch or dinner is wise. But you can’t reserve in advance, only at the front desk upon arrival. Montreal Strom Spa’s restaurant Nord is open daily from 11:30am to 8pm.

Strom Spa Montreal entrance
I’m always smiling after a good sweat

Is this the best spa in Montreal?

Spa Nordique was the third spa I’ve visited in Montreal for thermal waters, after Scandinave and Bota Bota, both in Old Montreal. If you have time for one, is it worth the ride out to Nun’s Island?

I would say yes, if you’re looking for tranquility of nature not far from the city. I don’t have a cottage, so lazing in a hammock by a lake is a treat!cI look forward to trying the other Strom spas in Quebec in the near future and will report back!

300x350 - Los Angeles to Las Vegas
Montreal Strom Spa Nordique Nun's Island Review

Know Before You Go

My last visit was July 2023. This info was updated January 2024. Always check their website for latest info and promotions.

Where: Strom Spa Nordique on Nun’s Island is at 1001 Bd de la Forêt in Verdun, 8km south east of Montreal city centre. Public Transit will get you close but it’s still a 15-minute walk to entrance from the closest stop. I took an Uber for $20 each way. There is free parking nearby.

When: Open Monday to Thursday from 10am to 10pm and Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 10pm. You can stay as long as you like. Reservations are recommended. Walk-ins are allowed if space permits; check the on-line waitlist and be mindful that they don’t always answer the phone. .

What to bring? A swimsuit (mandatory) flip-flops or sandals (mandatory) and your water bottle. I recommend a good book to read in a hammock. A plastic bag to put your wet suit in afterwards is handy. There is no wi-fi.

Your entry fee includes a robe, unlimited towels and a locker. Change rooms are basic but clean and have shampoo, conditioner and body wash, hair dryers and straighteners. Some swimsuits, sandals and water bottles are sold on site, along with various beauty products including sunscreen. Note they do not accept cash.

How Much: Thermal Experience $84 on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, on holidays, school breaks, or during high season (May to September). Outside of high season, Monday to Thursday is just $59. They also offer a variety of discounts and packages for night visits, with food and drink, or with services. Check the list prices and promotions here.

View of the Strom Spa Montreal from inside of a finnish Sauna
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