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My search for 100 amazing Nordic spas, saunas, hot springs, and public bathing experiences.

The ancient Egyptians bathed in hot tubs with essential oils. Romans made thermal bathing the centre of public life. Today, we often use the term “hydrotherapy.” Whatever you call it, the practise of hot+cold+relax is one of my favourite ways to unwind while travelling. Sometimes a hammam, swimming pool or thermal spring is the purpose of the entire trip!

Which is why now I’m soaking, steaming, and floating my way across the world to bring you honest and in-depth spa reviews with all you need to know before you go.

The goal is to review 100 baths!

If you’re looking for Nordic spa reviews, the best spas in Canada, or great places to sauna in Toronto, I’ve got you. You’ll find reviews of famous spas like the Blue Lagoon or the Dead Sea but also lesser-known or even secret oases.

I’ll tell you what you need to know about local spa etiquette and what to wear to a Nordic spa. And I’ll show you beautiful and unique public bathing spots for all budgets. Because 100 baths isn’t all about exclusive spas or expensive treatments. Wellness is for everyone!

If you’re already a bathing enthusiast and looking for honest spa reviews, I hope you’ll follow along to discover new places to visit. If you are not yet hooked on hydrotherapy, I hope to inspire you to try hot+cold+relax on your next trip.

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100 Bath Spa Reviews