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The ultimate swimsuit for travel? An honest Miraclesuit review.

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Miraclesuit claims their swimsuits can make you “look 10 lbs. lighter in 10 seconds.” Is it true?

Why is a travel blogger doing a Miraclesuit review?

My goal with this site is to help people live a life of adventure. A lot of adventure happens at the beach, the pool, and other places where you probably want to wear a swimsuit. But I know there are still women who don’t feel comfortable going out in a swimsuit on vacation. I used to be one of them. (A friend once accused me of looking like I was “going to a funeral” on a beach in Mexico in my black swimdress.). Then I bought my first Miraclesuit.

So if you’re wondering if the Miraclesuit is worth the price, or if this will be the product that makes you confident enough in a swimsuit to hit the beach, I’d like to offer an honest review of the Miraclesuit and what is has done for me.

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Miraclesuit Escape Style one-piece in a Himalayan salt sauna
Miraclesuit Escape swimsuit

Swimwear: Never leave home without it

I never go on a trip without packing swimwear. Even if you’re not headed to a beach, you just never know where there will be a great hotel pool, an invitation to a hot tub or sauna, the “need” to hit up a spa or hot spring, etc. Always be ready, I say!

My size varies from 12 to 16. Plus-size” swimsuits (a term I hate, but that’s a story for another time…) are generally not stocked at the airport or cute resort shops. Sure, you can probably find something at Walmart or Target, but their swimsuits are ugly and fits are dubious. You know it’s true. It’s why I always pack my own suits for every trip. And most of the time, that’s a Miraclesuit.

Miraclesuit plus-size swimwear

What is the Miraclesuit?

Miraclesuit is like shapewear for swimming. The brand claims their swimsuits make you “look 10 pounds lighter in 10 seconds.” How? They use extra form-fitting fabric and design to contour and shape and firm up the abdominal and bust areas.

These Miraclesuits come in sizes 6 to 24* and they have one-piece designs specifically for DD or DDD cups, plus tankinis and bottoms including swim skirts and shorts. They clearly recognize that bigger bodies and bigger boobs are underserved, and aim to make these fashion-forward, not your typical plus-sized swimsuits.

The miracle comes at a cost. One-piece Miraclesuits right now range from $200-$300 Canadian. So, it’s an investment. But is it worth it?  Is this the high-quality plus-size swimsuit of your dream? Maybe!

*North American sizing. Not all styles go up to 24.

How I tested it

Over the past five years, I’ve worn several Miraclesuits in the ocean, in cold pools and hot pools, in saunas and on the beach. And I’ve paid my own money for the pleasure. So this isn’t another review from someone who just put it on for the first time, or an influencer who got free product.

So let me give you my honest Miraclesuit review of three different styles I’ve personally worn so you can decide if one of them is right for you.

Let’s start with: did it make me “look” ten pounds lighter? I have no idea. How do you even determine that? I know that it flattered the curves of my body. And that I felt great in it.

Miraclesuit Madero
Miraclesuit Madero

What I loved

  • Stylish. Relative to “plus-size” swimsuits they are definitely more fashionable. I feel like I “fit in” at nice hotel pools or spas more than I did with other suits.
  • Quality fabric with a strong amount of compression
  • Ruched waist designs accentuate an hourglass shape
  • DD-cups that actually hold you up.
  • Underwires don’t pop out


  • Expensive (this is relative of course but most people I know would consider a $200+ swimsuit high end)
  • The back design and elastic are tight and not the most flattering
  • Straps are not adjustable on all designs (most plus sizes have fixed straps only)
  • Like most shapewear, it’s a bit of a struggle to get on and off
  • They don’t use big body models in their marketing. Seriously, show me a size 20+ woman in your clothes!

Overall, if you are looking for a swimsuit that holds you in, and can afford a Miraclesuit, don’t hesitate to try one. Try to find an outlet with a great return policy just in case. (Miraclesuit shipped almost worldwide and has the best selection but there are a lot of complaints about their returns/customer service department.)

Miraclesuit Escape
Miraclesuit Escape

Miraclesuit Escape Review

There’s a reason this style comes in a variety of colours and patterns. It’s fantastic! The bust has molded cups with underwear, but a sweetheart style neckline, so you get a flattering décolletage but lots of support. The tummy ruching is just on one side, so it’s more lightweight than some of the other designs while still giving the hourglass waistline. A striking swimsuit. Size 6 to 24.

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Miraclesuit Madero
Miraclesuit Madero

Miraclesuit Madero Review

I love the Mummy-wrap style of this suit, with mesh cut outs on the side. It’s not as bulky for travel and dries a bit faster than some others, as a result. This was my first Miraclesuit and helped me get comfortable with having parts of my abdomen area showing. There is an underwire but it’s not as supportive as some of the molded cup styles. Available in sizes 6 to 16 or 8 to 18 in DD cup.

If you like this style but don’t like underwire, here’s a variant.

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Miraclesuit Temptation
Miraclesuit Temptation

Miraclesuit Temptation Review

This was my least favourite style. The slimming feature is an eye-catching, colourful design on the sides of the torso which is nice when you’re used to only wearing black. The cups are molded with underwire, flattering and functional. But there’s a seam in the fabric right down the middle which I’ve never seen in a swimsuit and it’s just weird. Available in sizes 6 to 24 or 10 to 18 in DD cup.

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I hope my Miraclesuit review has been helpful. And that you have a great time in your new swimwear out in the world.

At the beach on Georgian Bay

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