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My best stories and tips for travel in Italy

The cities and the countryside both are incredibly beautiful. The people are too. Food is amazing, and actually affordable. And of course, the birthplace of the Renaissance has more famous and mind-blowing art than you can possibly see on one trip.

No wonder Italy is one of the most popular countries for tourism in the world. If you are thinking of going, you may have questions about solo travel in Italy, where to go for your first time in Italy, if there are strange things to do in Italy, or where to find free hot springs in Italy. I’m here to help!

These Italy posts are from a 14-day trip in 2021 with two good friends: one who has travelled often throughout Italy and one like me who was going for the first time. It was an absolutely incredible place to go on road trips with my best friends and have a taste of la dolce vita.

What did we do in two weeks?

Visited the great cities of Florence, Siena and Rome, filled our days marvelling at art and architecture and our nights with pizza, drove our rented Fiat through the countryside to medieval cities around Tuscany, and found total relaxation at spas and hot springs in Chianciano. 

As a female traveller, I felt very safe in Italy and I would confidently put this on my list of countries for solo female travel. Because I know I will be back whether I have travel mates or not.

This blog focuses on finding unique and unusual attractions to share with you, and Italy has so many. So read on for reviews and tips from my travels in Italy. I hope they inspire you to not wait any longer to make your own Italian dreams come true!

Reviews, Stories and Tips for Travel in Italy