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What to expect at Body Blitz, Toronto’s women-only spas

A review of two locations of Body Blitz Spa in Toronto and what to know before you go.

Body Blitz is Toronto’s most popular women’s only day spa. It’s also the first place I ever got in a pool topless with strangers for health and wellness.

A little backstory. When it first opened in 2005 on Adelaide Street West, Body Blitz was all the talk with many downtown ladies I knew. It was the first time I’d ever heard of “water therapy.” I was a full-time arts writer (aka, poor) and had yet to experience a high-end spa, or pay just to sit and soak my cares away. But I did love hot tubs. And the water circuit was relatively affordable. Easy sell for a girl’s’ day out.

Body Blitz was the beginning of my interest in hydrotherapy but also women-only spa experiences, a mix of private and public space where everyone lets their hair down. Over the years, I’ve returned over and over to bliss out. I recently had the chance to revisit the original Body Blitz West and check out the second location on King Street East, which opened in 2012.

I visited Body Blitz East as a guest before the opening hours, where these photos were taken. No cameras are allowed in the spa otherwise. My opinions are my own and the spa did not review or approve this post.

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The main attraction at both locations of Body Blitz in Toronto is a circuit of thermal waters. You soak in warm salt water, sweat it out in steam and sauna rooms, and then take an ice-cold plunge — before resting and repeating again. These are all indoor and each have the same facilities:

  • Warm Dead Sea Salt Pool
  • Hot Epsom Salt Pool
  • Cold Plunge Pool
  • Eucalyptus Steam Room
  • Infrared Sauna
  • Lounge Chairs
  • Smoothie Bar
Water therapies in a pool at Body Blitz East in Toronto
Step one: Dead Sea Salt Pool

Bikini Tops are Optional

What’s different about Body Blitz from other spas in Toronto offering thermal waters is that you have the option of going topless. (Bottoms are mandatory.)

I still remember my first visit to Body Blitz. Some clientele wore swimsuits, some didn’t. Me, I brought my one-piece (with a skirt on it!) swimsuit. Because I was always one of those kids that avoided changing in front of others after gym class. In fact, I distinctly recall the one time we had to use open communal showers on a high-school trip, my group of girlfriends took turns holding up towels for each other to create privacy. Shyness around nudity was partly because I was bigger than most and partly because in my family, it’s just not something one did. But I had looked at the other women and their nonchalance with envy. And before my second visit I went out to buy my first bikini bottom so that I too could step out of my comfort zone and enjoy water therapies topless.

English 300*250

Slipping out of the robe and stepping topless into the pool without caring about the dozens of people around was definitely a new sensation. So was feeling the warm water on my body in places that were usually covered up. Nobody looked. Nobody cared. I liked it. It felt free.

On my two most recent visits I noticed that the majority of guests were wearing swimsuit tops. I don’t know if that’s usual or just the random women on that day. Regardless, expect to see both and know that you won’t be out-of-place whichever you choose.

Water therapies circuit at Body Blitz spa in Toronto

How to hot+cold+relax at Body Blitz in Toronto

If you don’t know what a “water circuit” is, there’s an easy-to-read chart on the wall, illustrating what to do in what order, and for how long, to get the maximum health benefits.

First is the large Dead Sea Salt pool, where you can let water from small waterfalls cascade gently over your head and shoulders. I tend to sit or float in here a long time, especially when I’m with friends because it’s big enough to socialize without disturbing other people. (See below on when it’s quiet and when it’s busy). Their policy on talking is low and respectful conversation in the pools and quiet in the steam room and saunas.

The eucalyptus steam room is my favourite. I take as many big inhales and giant exhales as possible feeling the sweat pour out of me until I need to cool down. They recommend a whole minute for the cold plunge pool… a shock I’ve come to enjoy but you can start with 10 seconds and go up from there. There’s an infrared dry sauna, a smaller hot pool and, of course, showers to rinse off in between stations. (See my Do’s and Dont’s for more Day Spa Etiquette)

They also have these comfy red lounge chairs by the pools. You can order smoothies or tea when you check-in and they will bring them to you here. When I’m alone I bring a magazine and just chill out. (Tablets and e-readers are prohibited, just like all electronics.)

Infrared sauna at Body Blitz spa in Toronto

What’s the difference between Body Blitz East and Body Blitz West?

As mentioned, both locations of Body Blitz in Toronto have the same facilities, so it’s really a matter of which part of the city is more convenient for you. But there are a few differences. Body Blitz East on King is a bit bigger. There’s more space between the different circuits, a larger front lobby, etc. It’s also on more than one level. Changerooms are downstairs, treatment rooms upstairs. (An elevator is available.) Body Blitz West on Adelaide feels more intimate. But that also means it can get more crowded at busy times.

Body Blitz is very popular, and sometimes attracts groups like bachelorette and birthday party crews, whose excitable voices can echo throughout the space. That’s not the norm, but if you want the best chance for a quieter experience, try to go when they first open. On my recent visit, before noon it was very chill. After work hours tend to get busy.

Fresh flowers in the vanity make-up area at Body Blitz in Toronto
Fresh flowers are a nice touch in the vanity areas

My first facial

My spa reviews focus on thermal waters, natural hot springs, saunas and other public bathing rituals. I’ve had the occasional massage but never other treatments. So it was time to try taking my relaxation to another level with a facial.

The Replenishing Facial was a 60-minute treatment with an aesthetician who reviewed my skin, found a few oily bits to extract, steamed me up, then gave me a very hydrating gel mask and something called an “ice globe massage” which was kind of the like the cold plunge pool—very brisk, and felt great! I’m also a sucker for a good scalp massage so that was the icing on the cake.

I always float out of Body Blitz there feeling soft, warm, and calm. This time I was also glowy. A really nice treat.

Endless Possibilities

Final Impressions

Body Blitz in Toronto remains one of the most affordable, accessible way to destress, relax and enjoy the mental and physical benefits of water therapies in the city. Having two spaces for women only during all operating hours, located on public transit routes, makes it easy to go at the last minute when you really need it. It’s especially welcome during cold winters.

I wouldn’t change much but do think it’s weird to let guests have their drinks in the pools. And I prefer the newer style of lockers without a metal key—those get hot in the sauna! What I appreciate most is that the no-phones/camera rules are actually respected. I’ve never seen anyone trying to sneak an IG photo shoot in while staff aren’t looking—especially important in a topless space! I always feel comfortable here.

Know Before You Go

My last visit was January 2024 (Adelaide W) and March 2024 (King E). Always check their website for latest info and promotions.

Where: Body Blitz has two locations: the original West Side spa at 471 Adelaide St. West (near downtown and King West hotels) and 497 King St. East (near the Distillery District).

When: Tuesday-Thursday 10am to 8pm, Friday 10am to 9pm, Saturday 9am to 8pm, Sunday 9am to 6pm. Closed on Mondays. Water Therapies are walk-in only, no appointment required.

What to Bring: Water bottle, swimsuit bottoms and optional top. That’s it! They have robes, sandals and towels. Their vanity area is also well-stocked with quality toiletries and lotion.

How Much: Body Blitz Water access is $78 Wednesday through Sunday, and included with any body or facial treatment.  Budget tips: Tuesdays are $10 off the thermal waters and Wednesdays are 10% off a 60 or 90-minute Body Scrub, Body Mud, or Body Glow. Buy a card with six waters visits and get a seventh free. Guests 65 and older get a 10% discount on our Therapeutic Waters, Body Treatments, and Massages. (Bring ID)

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